Why is SkillStore so effective?

SkillStore combines the best of both worlds:
(1) the engagement and social interaction of instructor-led training, with (2) the scalability
and cost-savings of elearning.

How customers use SkillStore

SkillStore programs can help with
a range of management and leadership training initiatives, such as:
Coaching and
& Job skills
Hiring skills
New manager
Soft skills

Case Study

Western Union used SkillStore with hundreds of people in their People Manager Fundamentals program. Participants accessed SkillStore modules to enhance leadership skills, share best practices, and enhance engagement across the organization. Initial survey results showed that:

What users are saying

  • I have applied the Informal Feedback content in my job. Before a performance discussion with one of my team, I took some time and prepared according to this SkillStore module, and everything went successfully.

  • I complete learning modules on my way to work every day - I do it on the bus. I’m glad it’s available as an app in your smartphone so you can do it whenever you want.

  • Everyone on our team is doing the same program with SkillStore. All of us have improved our communication skills so much. The tone is better here - we know how to communicate better.