Working in Teams


How can you make sure that your project is managed by a team of productive people rather than a group of selected individuals? In the Working in Teams program you will learn how to move from chaos to a high-performing team by applying simple, yet effective, strategies. Stop herding cats and start practicing team development in the SkillStore app.


Modules in this program include:


  • Leading Meetings: Create a plan to lead productive meetings.
    Forming Teams: Apply stages of team development as you form a productive team.
    Setting Goals: Develop strategies to write specific, professional goals.
    Prioritizing Work: Establish a plan to minimize distractions and enhance productivity.
    Delegating Tasks: Establish a plan to delegate tasks using a purposeful cycle.
    Emotional Intelligence: Align work responsibilities with emotional intelligence measurements.
    Managing Teams: Manage teams to ensure high-performance.
    Embracing Change: Construct a plan to embrace change and transform team objections.
    Leading Virtual Teams: Organize a plan to lead a virtual team with high trust and open communication.
    Engaging Employees: Promote employee engagement through implementing key drivers of success.
    Celebrating Employees: Reinforce desired behaviors through providing strategic praise.