Managing for Impact

Do you want to be an effective leader who motivates your team while managing people, projects, and deadlines? If so, the Managing for Impact program will allow you to practice managing your employees to maximize impact, so you can become the manager that your employees and your organization need. Jump in the SkillStore app and learn how to manage disaster less and engage in innovative work practices more. We promise your employees will thank you.


Modules in this program include:


  • Onboarding: Design an onboarding plan for new hires.
    Setting Goals: Develop strategies to write specific, professional goals.
    Leading Meetings: Create a plan to lead productive meetings.
    Forming Teams: Apply stages of team development as you form a productive team.
    Managing Teams: Manage teams to ensure high-performance.
    Leading Virtual Teams: Organize a plan to lead a virtual team with high trust and open communication.
    Delegating Tasks: Establish a plan to delegate tasks using a purposeful cycle.
    Offering Informal Feedback: Identify opportunities to provide informal feedback effectively.
    Giving Formal Feedback: Prepare for giving formal feedback that results in improved performance.
    Embracing Change: Construct a plan to embrace change and transform team objections.
    Encouraging Innovation: Establish a plan to begin fostering an environment of innovation.