Leading Change

Change is all around us – and that’s something that won’t change. In the Leading Change program you will learn how to guide your organization through change so they embrace it rather than resist it. Jump in the SkillStore app and learn how to set goals and celebrate advancements – the awkward silent elevator trips with colleagues will decrease substantially as a result.


Modules in this program include:


  • Embracing Change: Construct a plan to embrace change and transform team objections.
    Prioritizing Work: Establish a plan to minimize distractions and enhance productivity.
    Setting Goals: Develop strategies to write specific, professional goals.
    Valuing Your Strengths: Frame your personal and professional strengths to meet your goals.
    Engaging Employees: Promote employee engagement through implementing key drivers of success.
    Encouraging Innovation: Establish a plan to begin fostering an environment of innovation.
    Leading Virtual Teams: Organize a plan to lead a virtual team with high trust and open communication.
    Being a Mentor: Devise a plan to identify, collaborate, and support a mentee.
    Celebrating Employees: Reinforce desired behaviors through providing strategic praise.