Hiring the Best

Are you in a constant race to find and hire the right people? SkillStore’s Hiring the Best program will allow you to practice hiring through the use of behavioral interviewing skills so you can bring high-quality candidates to your organization. Stop wasting time and money on bad hires. Hire and build a cohesive, ridiculously-productive team. Check out the SkillStore Hiring the Best learning program today!


Modules in this program include:


  • Behavioral Interviewing: Recognize the key components associated with behavioral interviews.
    Conducting Interviews: Prepare to conduct a behavioral interview in a conversational manner.
    Showcasing the Brand: Create a plan to showcase the organization’s brand during the interview.
    Interview Questions: Explore how to ask behavioral questions related to job requirements.
    Probing for Details: Use interview probing to find the ideal candidate.
    Recognizing Bias: Practice recognizing and responding to bias during interviews.
    Listening and Observing: Demonstrate listening and observing skills during an interview.
    Ethical Interviewing: Prepare to engage in an interview without asking unethical questions.
    Closing the Interview: Generate a plan to effectively close interviews.