Feedback that Works


Coaches give feedback to athletes; conductors give feedback to orchestra members… but who gives feedback to you? And how do you give feedback to others? In the Feedback that Works program you will learn how to use feedback to improve communication and transform your team’s results. Here’s a challenge – get engaged with modules in the SkillStore app so feedback becomes as natural for you as it is for professional athletes and musicians.


Modules in this program include:


  • Celebrating Employees: Reinforce desired behaviors through providing strategic praise.
    Emotional Intelligence: Align work responsibilities with emotional intelligence measurements.
    Setting Goals: Develop strategies to write specific, professional goals.
    Giving Formal Feedback: Prepare for giving formal feedback that results in improved performance.
    Offering Informal Feedback: Identify opportunities to provide informal feedback effectively.
    Requesting Feedback: Seek feedback and openly share your results.
    Valuing Your Strengths: Frame your personal and professional strengths to meet your goals.
    Managing Weaknesses: Manage your weaknesses so you can lead with your strengths.