Communicating for Success


One woman completed a SkillStore module on negotiating a promotion, stepped into a performance review with a plan, and stepped out with a new job title. Boom. In the Communicating for Success program, you will practice multiple forms of communication to enhance the message you share with others. Jump in the SkillStore app and start thinking about your communication and branding techniques – then come back and share your story with us.


Modules in this program include:


  • Presenting with Confidence: Deliver engaging and professional presentations.
    Storytelling: Compose a signature story that helps you achieve your goals.
    Persuading with Influence: Influence conversations through persuasion, experience, and intellect.
    Body Language: Rearrange the power dynamic through the use of body language.
    Emotional Intelligence: Align work responsibilities with emotional intelligence measurements.
    Establishing Your Brand: Frame your professional experience in a way that will help establish your brand.
    Reframing Challenges: Respond to complex problems through reframing challenges.